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Occupy Toronto

Police have begun removing tents at the Occupy Toronto encampment in St. James Park. 

Authorities arrived at the park in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday to dismantle the camp, following a judge's ruling Mayor Rob Ford's eviction notice last week would stand.

Police arrived on three large department buses and other vehicles and none of the officers appeared to be clad in riot gear.

As the sun came up, crews had started picking up trash and cleaning the park while some Occupy Toronto protesters began to clear books out of the library. 

The Ontario Federation of Labour have broken off from a convention and are marching - in the hundreds - to St. James Park to show solidarity with the Occupy Toronto protesters. 

Ontario Federation of Labour member have left their convention at a downtown hotel and marched to the park. Sid Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour, told reporters that the Union supports what Occupy Toronto is trying to accomplish. 

The protesters who had barricaded themselves inside the library have reportedly 'negotiated' a peaceful end to occupying the library. Protesters have told reporters that they negotiated with the police that the books will not be thrown in the garbage. 

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